Add traditional place names to Australian addresses

We recently came across this important initiative by Rach McPhail a Gomeroi woman living on Wiradjuri Country to add traditional place names to Australian addresses. 

Australia has an amazing history, that spans back at least 60,000 years and can be celebrated by all Australians. Every area in this country had an original place name prior to being given its colonial town/city name, and we agree with her that this is important to acknowledge. 

Her initiative has amazingly already received over 14,000 signatures and has now received public support by Australia Post. Please see below some information from Australia Post's website on how to best acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and ensure your items are delivered correctly.

To ensure that the item will be delivered correctly we recommend that the Traditional Place name is included below your name or company name, but above the street address.

To acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land your item is being delivered on, you can include those place names in the address field. 

To find Traditional Place names, check AIATSIS, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Councils, or Cultural Centres in your local area.

When sending items you can include a Traditional Place name in either the address you’re sending from, or in the recipient’s address.

We at Prospectors have updated our own documents & website to acknowledge the traditional land in which we work.

We have made a commitment to be a company that values & promotes equality & inclusion and endeavour to continue to implement necessary actions to reflect this. We will keep you updated & encourage you to send ideas or feedback. 

If you wish to get involved in this initiative you can see the petition here