It is obviously a stressful time for us all at the moment.  We have all been impacted by the Corona virus, and the need to change our business practices and behaviours to minimise transmission.

At Prospectors, most of the staff are now working from home.  Drop offs and pick ups are now contactless.  Other than that, Prospectors is pretty much operating as business as usual.  We are still accepting orders online, over the phone and via email, and most are being dispatched in a timely manner.

However, there are a number of factors that are impacting on lead times:

  • With most passenger flights to and from Australia being suspended, we are finding it increasingly difficult to send or receive items via airfreight.  This is slowing down the receipt of special order products and also extends our delivery times to many destinations.
  • Some of our suppliers are facing similar problems which is slowing down the dispatch of orders to use.  One of our suppliers, Brunton (based in USA) have closed their offices and will not be dispatching any goods for at least 2 weeks.  For alternatives, try Suunto or Freiberg