To protect all members of the community from COVID-19, Prospectors will no longer be operating a shop front.  You can still pick up goods from our Dural warehouse but to help us do our part please call the office first (02) 8408 0092 so that we can arrange a contactless collection.

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World’s Best Equipment Supplies Company

Our goal is to position Prospectors as the “World’s Best Supply Company” offering quality equipment, supplies and tools to professionals in any outdoor related industry.

Our Equipment

We offer a treasure trove of the outdoor equipment professional field workers require. Everything from compassesand clinometersto Wristop computers (watches),from flagging tape and barricade tape, to waterproof paperandfield desks, from core trays and core boxes, tomagnifying glassesbinoculars and microscopes, From GPS devicesto waterproof protective hard cases,from anemometersto complete weather stations, from sample bags to pallet shirnk wrap.


Our Brands

Barigo, Bausch & Lomb, Breithaupt, Brunton, Bushnell, Camelbak, Chartwell, CM Prism, C-Thru, Derwent, Deuta,Dormer, DuraCopy, DuraRite, Eschenbach, ESS, Essa, Estwing, Felco, Freiberg, Garmin, Gerber, Haglof,Impulse, Kartell, Kestrel, Leatherman, Leica, Magellan, Maglite, Markrite, Munsell, Nikon, Nylex, Otterbox, Pelican, Pesola, Petzl, ProEarth, RayTech, Relaskop, RhinoSkin, Richter, Rite in the Rain, Salter, Saunders,Silva, Skyscan, Spacecase, SPOT, Storm, Streamlight, Suunto, Tasco, Vertiplan, Victorinox, W&G, WeatherJet, Yamayo

Our customers

Prospectors supplies equipment and tools are being used in many sectors including Defence, Geology, Mineral Exploration, Forestry, Conservation, Agriculture, Archaeology, Biological Science, Park Management, Construction, Mining, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Fisheries and many others. We also help hundreds of private customers who use our equipment for one of the best pastimes in the world – enjoying the great outdoors.

Our Philosophy

We believe that prompt delivery, response and friendly old-time communication is very important to our customers whether shopping online, working from our catalogue or talking with one of our customer service people. We have a good stock holding of most of the products that we sell. Our in-house Customs, forwarding & logistics people make sure that orders are delivered anywhere in the world on-time & on budget. Down the road or across the globe you can rely on Prospectors to get you the equipment you want when you want it.

Distributors and Resellers

As authorised distributors, we import much of our equipment direct and bring the world’s best equipment straight to you whether manufactured by premium companies in Australia, Europe, USA, Japan or other parts of the globe. Reseller enquiries are welcome +61-2-9839-3500.