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10 metre X 12.5mm Yamayo Million PVC Coated Fibreglass Tape in ABS Closed Case

"MILLION TAPES" are manufactured to withstand rugged use and resist tear, year after year, even in extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

STRENGTH is assured through an inner core of extremely tough fibreglass with a protective PVC overlay. Breaking point is higher than 2,000 N.

Weather resistant.

Accuracy is comparable with conventional steel measuring tapes. Tolerance isÔøΩÔøΩ_ 5mm over 30 meters.

Excellent LEGIBILITY as all markings are printed with UV-fixed ink which will stand up to years of use.

NON-CONDUCTIVE tape blade with a proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/m

DESIGN, through long experiences in our own field, makes the MILLION TAPES series a wise choice for you.

Easy to clean.