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100 metre Polychain Kinglon

The Kinglong Polchain is a circular section rope type tape measure. It was originally designed for use in the mining and drilling industries.The Kinglon Polychains tough construction also makes it suitable foruse in a range of other industries including construction, surveying,forestry, forensics and environmental field work.

The Kinglon Polchains circular construction and high tensile strengthmake it particularly suitable for high strain applications.

The Kinglon Polychain is free from Bromines, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Chromium and is approved by ISO 9001,9002,14001-2004.

Tensile Strength: 70Kg
Elongation Tolerance: Min 92.5mm/loaded with 5Kg for 100 Metre Polychain
Length Tolerance: Less than 50mm/loaded with 2Kg for 100 Metre Polychain
Material: Fiberglass coated with PVC
Graduations: Consecutively numbered per metre with contrasting markings every 10cm and 50cm.