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Breithaupt Cobru Universal Pocket Transit Compass
The Breithaupt Cobru is a Brunton type compass for geological and topographical surveys. The universal compass needle allows the Cobru to be used all over the world with minimal inclination of the needle.

The Breithaupt Cobru is the professionals choice when accuracy, durability and quality are a must.

The Breithaupt family have been manufacturing precision compasses and measuring instruments in Germany for over 245 years.


Housing material: Light anti magnetic metal.
Graduated circle diameter: 63mm.
Cover plate with adjustable hinge.
Measurement graduations: 1/1
Graduated circle numbering: Clockwise 10
Declination adjustment: ±30
Magnetic needle: 50mm long with adjustable inclination weight.
International cardinal points - East and West inversed.
Adjustable level controlled clinometer: ±90
Compass needle arresting system.
Mirror located in cover with adjustable hinge.
Foldable dioptre.
Fastening ring at the back of the housing for accessories.
Dimensions: 75x86x34mm
Weight: 200g

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