Cohen Mining Engineers Compass Breithaupt

Breithaupt Cohen Mining Engineers Compass

The Breithaupt Cohen compass has been designed for geological, geophysical, tectonic and mining engineer's measurements.


• Compass box: 80mm diameter.

• Compass circle: 63mm diameter.

• Spherical bubble level in compass cover.

• Compass needle: 50mm with adjustable inclination weight.

• Compass needle arresting system.

• Compass circle graduations: 1º/1g counter clockwise.

• Compass circle numbering: 10º/10g each.

• Declination adjustment: ±30º

• International cardinal points: East and West inversed. 

• Pendulum clinometer: ±90º (100g)

• Adjustable cover hinge.

• Suspension hooks, serve as finder sights and locking mechanism.

• Weight: 200g 



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