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Haglof Mantax Black Foldable Caliper 1000mm

Haglof Mantax Precision Calipers are used worldwide as a reliable and accurate instrument for measuring trees, logs and timber. Easy to slide and strongly built, the Mantax Precision Calliper will become useful in your everyday work situation.


Mantax Black calipers offer patented foldable jaws and ergonomic design. Built tough and made to last!

If you are thinking of investing in a mechanical diameter caliper, the Mantax Black is the right choice! This caliper model gives you best money value and is available in various different sizes and scale graduations. Mantax Black can be factory ordered with green Gator Eyes laser pointers for distance diameter measuring.

The Mantax Black has patented foldable jaws for convenient storage and transport. It is sturdy and lightweight, smooth to handle and extremely rugged.

Exclusive, non-reflecting alloy coated aluminium scale in 500, 600, 650, 800 and 950 and 1000 mm or 18", 24", 30" and 36".