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MPKit Digital Soil Moisture Meter

The MPKit is a portable soil moisture sensor that enables rapid sampling of Volumetric Soil Water Content (VSW%). The MP406 is inserted to the required depth of measurement and the moisture content is read out on the display of the MPM160 meter.

The MPKit consists of the following:

MP406 Moisture Proberapidly measures the soil moisture by pushing the needles of the sensor into the soil surface or the soil profile in an augured hole. The needles are welded to the body and will not break.

MPM160is especially designed for use with MP406 Moisture Probe. It provides the power to the MP406 Moisture Probe for the reading and display of MP406 measurements. The measurements are displayed directly in both raw mV and calibrated Volumetric Soil Water Content (VSW%).

MPExt Rodconsists of a pair of chrome extension rods. Each rod is 35cm long enabling measurement of soil moisture to 70cm depth in the soil profile. One rod connects to the MP406 and the other has a "T" handle.

MP Caseis made of high quality aluminium with strong foam cut-out. The case carries the MP406, MPM160 and MPExt Rod.

MP406 Soil Moisture Probe
The MP406 can be used to measure the soil moisture for scientific research or irrigation management. In either situation the MP406 can: