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Optilogic 400XT Insight Range Finder

Ideal for Law-enforcement, archery and 3D target shooting

Improved uphill and downhill aiming accuracy

The world's only affordable tilt-compensated laser rangefinder has two operating modes. In mode 1, it measures line-of-sight distance up to 550 metres to a non-reflective surface. In mode 2, it measures horizontal distance up to 550 metres.

What's the difference?

Line-of sight distance is the distance from the rangefinder to the target. Horizontal distance is the distance is the distance from the rangefinder to a point horizontal to the rangefinder directly above or below the target.

What does it mean?

For hunters, it means aiming the XT/XP rangefinder at a target above or below your position and getting the true distance that you need to calculate your trajectory. No guesses, no mental computations, no counting your fingers and toes. Just read the distance on the XT/XP's external readout and aim accordingly. The XT/XP Series laser rangefinders measure distance using an eye-safe laser and precision electronics. Look through the viewfinder, push the button, place the red dot on an object and release the button to fire the laser. Instantly, the measurement appears in the easy-to-read external LCD display.


  • Sleek rugged injection moulded plastic shell
  • Simple one button operation
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • LED red dot sighting system
  • High tech hidden lens design
  • Low battery indicator
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Range and horizontal distance output modes
  • Measures a minimum distance of 4 metres
  • Automatic rain mode which detects and ignores highly reflective rain drops
  • Selectable meters, feet or yards output
  • Temperature compensation (600XP only)

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution: +/- 0.1 metres
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 metre
  • Sighting: Internal LED dot
  • Dimensions: 10 x 12.7 x 4.5cm
  • Weight: 340g
  • Power Source: 9 volt battery

Range Capability:

  • 120XT: 4-120m
  • 400XT: 4-365m
  • 600XT: 4-550m
  • 800XT: 4-731m
  • 1000XT: 4-914m