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ProEarth UV Stabilised Zip Lock Plastic Bags with Patch 175 X 312mm X 100um 100 Bags

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Prospectors Zip Lock Bags are built tough and field proven!

Made to our exacting specifications, Prospectors Plastic Bags are great for soil and rock samples and are designed to be super strong! This bag is made from 100 micron thick polyethylene, to provide one of the toughest heavy duty puncture and tear resistant sample bags available.

Prospectors Zip Lock Bags feature a tough zip seal closure to keep your sample in the bag and everything else out!

Every plastic bag we sell is UV Stabilised for use outdoors, providing protection against degradation from the sun when left in the field - Saving you money on re-bagging costs as well as saving excess bags from entering landfill and the environment.

Prospectors Plastic Bags are fully recyclable - Do The Right Thing!


Material: UV Stabilised polyethylene
Material Thickness:100µm
Dimensions: 175mm x 312mm
Quantity: 100 Bags
UV Stabilised: Yes
Writing Label: Yes
Zip Lock Closure: Yes
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