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Reflex Ez-Logger

Fast, and cost effective, quick reference Goniometer

  • Hardwearing with lightweight, compact design
  • Fast and simple measurement of Alpha and Beta core angles
  • A range of sizes available to suit most core size

An Invaluable Tool for any Geologist or CoreLogging StaffThe REFLEX EZ-LOGGER™ is fast, effective and a cheap alternative to traditional Core Logging Goniometers. It’s hardwearing with a lightweight design and compact in size. TheREFLEX EZ-LOGGER™’s swift and simple measurement of Alpha and Beta core angles has won approval from geologists around the world.

Alpha Angles

The REFLEX EZ-LOGGER‚Ñ¢ has two side Alpha protractors (blue& red) that allow for easy measurement of the Alpha angle with a variety of rock colours. This is achieved by simply sliding theREFLEX EZ-LOGGER‚Ñ¢ up or down the core sample while holding it relative to the Ellipse Long Axis and selecting the maximum angle.

Beta Angles

The REFLEX EZ-LOGGER™ has two end protractors that are used to determine the Beta angle of a structure. Firstly position the 0°mark over the core orientation line of the core sample. Read the number of degrees from the core orientation line to the Apical Trace of the plane (this is a line extended along the core from the EllipseLong Axis).