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Silva Headlamp L1

Silva L1 sets the standard for headlamps with its high performance,ultra bright, true 3-watt Luxeon LED and is the most powerful LEDheadlamp available today! The unique construction provides a light thatis bright for distance use, while at the same time, maintains thenecessary floodlight for close range work, or for moving forward in theterrain at speed. The L1s unique control electronics allow the headlampto give off constant light until only 15% of the total battery capacityis left - at that point, it automatically switches down to power saveto ensure hours of light no matter if you are almost out of batteries -no unpleasant surprises! The unique single-hinge headlamp bodyconstruction gives a perfect balance of the reflector - no morefiddling and inconvenient adjustments of the reflector upwards due tobad weight balance. When you have set the reflector/beam in yourpreferred position you can be sure that it will stay. The L1 is poweredby 4AA (LR6) batteries (included), integrated in two different batterycompartments ergonomically placed on the anti-slip headband to createthe best balance for the user. L1 has four different light modes: PowerSave, Bright, Ultra Bright and Blinking Alert. L1 is delivered with anexternal battery case that holds 4C batteries (LR14). This allows theuser to extend the discharge time by 300% and is also perfect for usein cold conditions when the external battery case should be kept insidethe clothes for best performance. Specifications:. LED: Luxeon 3 Watttrue output Light Range: 60 meters Discharge Time (Power Save, Bright,Ultra Bright): 24h, 6h, 4h, 15m Batteries: 4 pieces AA (LR6) included.(4 pieces C LR14 for external battery case not included) Weight: 226gincluding batteries Dimensions: 75 x 48 x 55mm (headlamp body)