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Tectronic 4000 Electronic Stratum Compass Breithaupt

Breithaupt Tectronic 4000 Electronic Stratum Compass
The Tectronic 4000 is an electronic stratum compass for measurements according to the method of Professor Clar. In one single operation both azimuth and angle of dip are electronically measured, displayed in the LCD and stored in the memory.

The storage capacity is approximately 4000 data records. The data can then be transferred via RS232 to a PC for processing. The integrated electronic pedometer allows for distance measurements.

The Breithaupt Tectronic 4000 also provides specialised measurement functions such as the measurement of magnetic field intensity, measurement of tilting angle and time measurements with alarm.


• Dimensions: 140x78x32mm
• Weight: 310g
• Selectable graduations: 360º or 400g
• Resolution: 1º or 1g 

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