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Test Certificates for Scales - 300-1000Kg

When ordering several scales please specify under “remark” which ones require a certificate.
Issue of Test Certificates for PESOLA Hanging Scales with capacities of 300 - 1000kg (new or used)
Ordering a new PESOLA scale you may at the same time request the optional test certificate. For scales once delivered, PESOLA can only issue test certificates when they are sent back to the PESOLA factory. For reasons of safety and quality management it is not possible to hand in certificates for scales with hindsight without again testing them in our factory. Due to a double control-process of every single scale, you can rely on the general indication of high precision and tight tolerances listed on the product detail pages of our Homepage even without a test certificate.
Description of the Test Process at the PESOLA Factory
For this service we require approx. 5 working days.


  1. We check the power supply and fully charge the accumulator. 
  2. We acclimate the scale for about 1 hour at 20±1°C.
  3. The correct function of the scale is tested. Used scales with defects are repaired (cleaning, repair, adjustment, function control). Should we have to replace expensive components they will have to be invoiced separately. 
  4. A sticker with an individual certification number is attached to the scale (if not existing already).
  5. We proceed according to the manual for “user calibration”. Digital hanging scales are solely tested vertically with M1 hook weights.
  6. The result of the ± measuring tolerance is documented.
  7. The certificate is established with the individual certification number and enclosed to the scale. In this document we recommend a certain test cycle. According to intensity of use the customers may define their own quality test and certification cycle.

Self-Testing of digital PESOLA Hanging Scales with capacities 300 - 1000kg by Customers (Sample)
Calibration weights according to the manual (see „user calibration“) must be on hand. You may consider to acquire test weights at Gottlieb Kern & Sohn GmbH, Balingen-Frommern, Germany. Local gauging offices might have suitable hook weights and offer the testing service.

  1. Install new batteries if necessary.
  2. Acclimate the scale for an hour at approximately 20±1°C.
  3. Clean the scale and test it for correct function. In case of defects please return the instrument to your distributor or to PESOLA AG for repair.
  4. Mark the scale with an individual calibration number.
  5. Proceed according to the manual for “user calibration”.
  6. Document the +/- deviation on a data sheet.
  7. Define your own test cycle.


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