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Tree Protectors Tassu

TASSU - A protective collar for seedlings, made of natural materials

Tassu is a decayable seedling collar manufactured of recycled paper. Tassu seedling collar can be impregnated with natural repellents and micronutrients,if necessary. Tassu seedling collar is placed around the butt of the seedling; it protects the seedling against grass and other competing ground-cover vegetation, and reduces competition for root space. By reducing surrounding ground cover vegetation, Tassu improves the seedling's growth conditions in terms of water and nutrients, and helps create an open space around the seedling. Channels on the surface of Tassu seedling collar gather water, and as the collar becomes moist it settles on to the ground. When wet, Tassu stays tightly in place, and if it dries, the added starch glue helps it stay in place. Tassu seedling collar protects the seedling for the decisive first years, after which it decays. Tassu seedling collar was designed to guarantee successful planting of seedlings and to help them grow into tall quality trees.

  1. Plant the seedling
  2. Place Tassu seedling collar at the butt of the seedling
  3. Tassu seedling collar in place


Trunk diameter 30mm
Collar diameter 420mm
Height 40mm
Weight 100g approximately