Breithaupt COCLA Stratum Compass

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Breithaupt COCLA - Precision Stratum Compass

Harness the power of centuries-old German precision engineering with the Breithaupt COCLA, the epitome of top-tier stratum compasses. Breithaupt, with its proud legacy dating back to 1762, has produced this leading-edge geology compass in collaboration with renowned Prof. Dr. Clar. The COCLA is the go-to tool for a wide array of applications including geology, geophysics, mining, tectonics, and rock mechanics.

With the COCLA, professionals can now achieve azimuth and angle of dip measurements seamlessly in one single operation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. The compass's unique design features a large circular opening in the housing that encapsulates the graduated circle, the magnetic needle with circular magnet, and the copper dampening pot. The robust yet transparent base, crafted from unbreakable plastic, facilitates overhead readings and measurements, promoting convenience and ease of use.


• Compass circle diameter: 50mm
• Graduation interval: 1°
• Precision accuracy: <0.1°
• Continuous numbering range: 10° to 10°
• Declination adjustment: ±30°
• Vertical circle diameter: 25mm
• Vertical graduation interval: 5°
• Estimation to: 1°
• Quadrantal graduation range: 235°
• Numbering from: 20° to 20°
• Circular level: 30'/2mm
• Tracing edge length: 60mm
• Compact dimensions when closed: 74x96x25mm
• Lightweight at only 275g

With the Breithaupt COCLA stratum compass, you can experience a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, accuracy and usability, all in a compact and lightweight design. Trust the expertise of Breithaupt, leaders in magnetic compass manufacturing, and make the COCLA your companion for all your geological, geophysical, and tectonic explorations."

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