Breithaupt COMTA Mining Suspension Compass


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Breithaupt COMTA Mining Suspension Compass

Discover the precision of the Breithaupt COMTA Mining Suspension Compass, the perfect companion for mining surveying, tunnel construction, gallery projects, and intricate blasting measurements. This superior surveying instrument combines an innovative cardanic (Kassel type) suspension system with high-end materials for unrivalled accuracy and durability.

Key Features & Specifications

  • High-Precision Magnetic Needle: An ultra-precise, sharp-edged 80mm magnetic needle, crafted from an exclusive steel alloy, is renowned for its superior residual magnetism and coercive force.

  • Non-Magnetic Steel Pivot: A specially hardened non-magnetic steel pivot provides the stability and accuracy needed for precision measurements.

  • Jewelled Bearing: The jewelled bearing ensures smooth operation and longevity of the compass.

  • Cardanic Suspension System: A compact, foldable cardanic suspension device with adjustable bearings allows for versatile use in various surveying scenarios.

  • Comprehensive Declination Adjustment: The Breithaupt COMTA offers a wide declination adjustment range of +/- 30o, providing versatility in diverse geological conditions.

  • Adjustable Inclination Weight: The compass features an adjustable inclination weight to ensure perfect balance and accurate readings.

  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 400g, this high-quality compass is easy to carry, making it an essential tool for every surveyor.

Experience the difference with the Breithaupt COMTA Mining Suspension Compass – precision, durability, and convenience all in one. Equip yourself with the best for effective and accurate mine surveying and technical work.


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