Breithaupt CONAT 4 Orienteering Compass


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Breithaupt CONAT 4 Orienteering Compass

Discover precise and reliable navigation with the CONAT 4, a robustly designed tool crafted in Germany. Equipped with a large 110mm scale, this durable compass offers a liquid-damped capsule featuring a combined 6400 mil and 360° scale in 5° steps for unerring accuracy. Its integrated clinometer proves invaluable for measuring the angle of elevation or depression of any object. Tailored for use in low-light conditions, the CONAT 4 is your dependable partner for explorations including at dawn or night.

Key Features:

  • Robust and durable design to withstand harsh conditions
  • Large 110mm scale for easy readability
  • Liquid-damped compass capsule
  • Combined 6400 mil and 360° scale in 5° increments for superior accuracy
  • Integrated clinometer for elevation or depression measurement
  • Optimized for use in low-light conditions like dawn and night
  • Proudly made in Germany, promising superior quality and craftsmanship

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