Dormer Drillmite Hydraulic Power Unit (Petrol or Diesel Engine)


Type: Petrol Engine
Sale price$8,915.15 AUD


The Drillmite is a portable power drive unit for the augers and replaces the manually turned T-handle. It is compatible with all the equipment and can be adapted to suit most other styles of equipment connections.

This unit is used to power drive the hand augers and can be carried easily by 2 men using the fold-away handles attached to the frame.

The Drillmite is powered by either a new generation 6.5HP Briggs & Stratton petrol (gasoline) engine or a 7HP Yanmar diesel engine.

The engine is coupled to a hydraulic pump that is connected by 4 metre hoses to the hydraulic motor on the drive head which has finger tip control of the rotation.

It turns the auger at 50 RPM under full load with a torque of 1250 inch pounds.

It is suited to use in hard ground (not rock) using steel extention rods with coarse threads and spiral augers, but is often used to reduce the effort required on deep holes or continuous sampling regimes in normal conditions using aluminium extention rods with either thread.

Options: Augering equipment; Longer hydraulic hoses.

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