Dormer Sand Augers - 1m - various diameters -Painted Steel

DormerSKU: DO-SA10010C-HD

Diameters: 100mm
Grades: Heavy Duty
Sale price$465.36 AUD


Sand Augers come in one design (with some minor variations) for drilling or sampling sands. Standard sizes are 50mm (2″), 62mm (2½”), 75mm (3″) and 100mm (4″) and some others made-to-order.

Standard versions of the Sand Augers are made from very thin steel for use in clean sand and if debris or other hard objects or bands of soil may be encountered we suggest the Heavy Duty version made from thicker steel (same thickness as equivalent sized soil augers).  Item code for HD versions have “/HD” at the end eg. SA7510C/HD.

Item Code SA

These were originally designed to sample for minerals in beach sands but now are used extensively for drilling and sampling in very sandy friable soils.

A 75mm (3″) diameter sand auger will penetrate 30 cm in about 4 turns, which fills the auger.

In good conditions, one man can drill 10 metres in an hour, two men can drill 20 metres in two hours and 40 metres takes most of the day.

In South Africa 12 men drilled to a depth of 100 metres in one day, in ideal conditions.

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