Dormer Slide Hammer with T-Handle

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Dormer Slide Hammer with T-Handle

The Slide Hammer is used with our Split-Tube Sampler or our Push-Tube Samplers or any of our other samplers to provide a measured blow to drive them into the soil. The Slide Hammer is a 2-part item with a special T-handle that has a female thread in the top to engage the sliding hammer piece which has a male connection thread (same specs as our other connecting threads).
Is used to aid Star Drill, Chisel or Stone Catcher to pick up stones. Comes with special T-Handle.

Important Notes:

  1. The Slide Hammer is not designed to hammer upwards because the load is transferred to the threads only and can damage the threads or break a weld and this is not covered by our warranty. When hammering downwards the load is spread onto the body of the sampler or extension rod, not the threads. The T-handle is for pulling upwards.
  2. Keep all threaded connections tight or the loose fitment will cause damage to the threads and subsequent damage is not covered by our warranty.

Options: Only available with Coarse Thread.


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