Dormer - various size x 1.0M threaded, pulley & rope PISTON SAMPLER - Stainless Steel, Down hole type with accessory.

DormerSKU: DO-PSDH5010C

size & accessories: 50mm x 1.0M
Sale price$783.21 AUD


This type is similar to the surface except it has an attachment for extension rods to connect to the top, it does not come with a casing clamp and the piston can not be removed through the top.

It is used when a sample is required from down an augered hole or from the bed of a body of water.

Down force is applied via the extension rods and/or through a pulley attached to the T-Handle on the extension rods.

The piston is pulled up using a rope attached to the piston rod. The piston cannot be removed through the top because of the welded fitting for the extension rods. Similar sizes to surface type, are available but the smaller the better.

We suggest using the 50mm diameter size only when absolutely necessary because it has clearance problems between the piston rod and extension rods. T

This type of Piston Sampler has 2 main variations. The standard version has the piston rod offset to allow both it and the extension rod connection to fit within the diameter of the sample tube.

The other version has the piston rod in the center and the extension rod connection is positioned partly protruding out from the side of the sample tube.

The centralized piston rod gives a more trouble free operation but is limited in its application when used down a hole or casing because of the protruding extension rod connection.

Other more minor variations are based on the sample length or sampler length.

The standard version has the sampler length at 1.0m or 1.5m overall and the sample length is approx 130mm shorter (to allow for piston).

Dormer can custom manufacture lengths to suit customer requirements.

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