Eschenbach 10x Scale Lupe Magnifier

EschenbachSKU: 2MAES-115410

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Eschenbach 10x Scale Lupe Magnifier

This precision achromatic scale magnifier with integrated extra lens is used for precise measuring with distortion-free finest quality optics.


  • Coated glass optics gives distortion free and crystal-clear brilliance of image
  • Close focusing via handy focus arresting ring
  • Lens 23mm in diameter
  • Magnification 10x
  • Exchangeable precision measuring scales for different applications
  • Body made of fibreglass reinforced polyamide for demanding conditions of use
  • Supplied with standard scale, measuring range 20mm, with 1/10mm graduation, complete with a sturdy plastic case providing space for further scales

N.B.Illumination Unit can be purchased separately.

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