Breithaupt GEKOM PRO Stratum Compass


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Breithaupt GEKOM PRO Stratum Compass

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of geological professionals and enthusiasts, the Breithaupt GEKOM PRO Stratum Compass excels in providing accurate and reliable measurements for geological surveys and expeditions. Whether you're studying geological formations, mapping strata, or exploring natural resources, this compass is your trusted companion. Invest in the exceptional German craftsmanship of the Breithaupt GEKOM PRO Stratum Compass and unleash the power of geological precision in your work.

Key Features:

  • Conduct stratum measurements with ease using Prof. Dr Clar's method, enabling determination of azimuth and angle of dip in a single operation
  • Convenient vertical circle with 5° graduation for quick and accurate readings of azimuth and angle of dip
  • Wide dip measuring range of 270° to capture geological formations effectively
  • Automatic arresting of compass needle when not in use for secure transportation and protection
  • Azimuth circle with 2° graduation for precise azimuth readings in geological surveys
  • Reading by estimation 1°
  • Adjustable inclination for optimal measurements in varying geological conditions
  • Declination adjustment of ±60° to align with magnetic variations in different regions
  • Circular spirit level for ensuring accurate readings on uneven terrain
  • Waterproof, high-quality one-piece housing made of lightweight metal for durability in challenging field conditions
  • Comes with a protective case for easy and safe storage during geological expeditions
  • Compact dimensions (closed): 72mmx90mmx21.5mm (WxLxH) for convenient portability
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 270g, for effortless fieldwork
  • Proudly made in Germany, synonymous with precision and reliability in geological instruments

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