ProEarth 15x Chrome Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier


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ProEarth 15x Chrome Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier

Discover the details with the ProEarth 15x Chrome Triplet Hand Lens Magnifier. A reliable tool from ProEarth by Prospectors Supplies, enjoyed by thousands over the years.

Perfect for any environment—field, lab, or workshop. The triplet lens ensures a sharp, distortion-free view.

ProEarth, the signature brand of Prospectors Supplies, is dedicated to providing you with top-tier field equipment. Drawing on over 40 years of industry experience, we have meticulously designed our products to meet exacting specifications, ensuring outstanding quality and performance.


  • 15x Magnification
  • 18mm Aperture
  • Chrome finish

Simple, durable, and ready for your next close-up exploration.

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