Richter Bore Dip Tape

RichterSKU: RICH-26-100

Length: 100
Sale price$1,408.00 AUD


Richter Bore Hole Dip Tape - Water Level Electrical Contact Gauge

Introducing our water level measuring tool designed specifically for measuring the water level measure of Bore Holes and wells. Simply touch the probe to the water surface and a light will illuminate and buzzer sound will be emitted from the winding device. Both the light and buzzer will automatically switch off once the probe is removed from the water.

Key Specifications:

  • Flat lying green measuring tape with a core of spring steel and 2 copper wires coated with nylon
  • Black millimeter graduation over the total length with black centimeter and decimeter figures
  • Red meter figures are repeated before each decimeter
  • Probe made of refined steel with a diameter of 15 mm, equipped with electrode and insulation
  • 9 volt power block with a 3 function switch (off, on, test)
  • Signal is indicated by LED and buzzer
  • Strong ABS winding device with stopper and winding knob, carrying handle, and stand feet
  • 2 clamps for securing the probe when not in use
  • Refills available for electrical contact gauges (probe is sealed to avoid water penetration)
  • Strong carrying case included with each electrical contact gauge.

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