CSIRO Soil PH Test Kit

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CSIRO Soil PH Test Kit

The Inoculo CSIRO Soil pH Testing Kit is a reliable and easy-to-use product that has been specially designed by the CSIRO to enable you to make “on the spot” tests on your own property. The kit is accurate, economical, and comprises sufficient indicator chemicals for up to 50 tests, a spot plate, spatula, colour chart, information booklet, and notebook for recording results - all in a transparent plastic pouch that is easy to carry and will fit in your pocket.

Our soil pH testing kit is an Australian-made and CSIRO-developed product that effectively measures the pH of your soil. Soil analysis is very important as pH controls the availability of nutrients to the plants. Therefore, testing the pH of your soil is essential to the well-being of your plants. With the Inoculo Soil pH Testing Kit, you can be confident that the soil will be right for your plants.

The Inoculo CSIRO Soil pH Testing Kit is suitable for private gardeners, commercial growers, agriculturalists, horticulturists, nurseries, garden suppliers, market gardeners, wine/olive/citrus/nut growers, landscapers, lawn production and maintenance, soil and potting companies, agriculture/horticulture students, and home gardeners.

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