Pesola Test Certificates for Scales <50 Kg

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Pesola Test Certificates for Scales <50 Kg

When ordering, PESOLA spring scales can optionally be ordered with a certificate. With you purchase, simply add the certificate item “Z1” (until 50kg/500 Newton) to your shopping basket. In case you order several scales, please add the according amount “Z1” items to the shopping basket. Should you only require a certificate for one of the ordered scales, please indicate for which scale you request a certificate under remarks.

Description of the test procedur at the PESOLA factory

  • The correct function of the scale is tested. Used scales with defects are first repaired (cleaning, repair, adjustment, function control). Should we have to replace expensive components they will have to be invoiced separate.
  • A sticker with an individual certification number is attached to the scale (if not existing already).
  • After perfectly adjusting the zero position at 20±1°C, the scale is controlled with the requested calibration weights. The result of the ± measuring tolerance is precisely documented.
  • Only vertical tests (For spring scales a testing process with drag pointer and or with pressure set assembled is not provided. In compliant use with direction of pressure rod rectangular to measuring object and minor friction in its guidance, the precision of the scale is given).
  • The certificate is established with the individual certification number and enclosed to the scale. In this document we recommend a certain test cycle. According to intensity of use the customers may define their own quality test and certification cycle.

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