UVP Rechargeable UV Lamp, Shortwave & Longwave, 6 Watts, 230 Volts


Sale price$991.09 AUD


Carry the portable and rechargeable 6 watt UVP UV Lamp anywhere! Built in lead acid battery allows for hours of use. This UV lamp includes both 254nm shortwave and 365nm long wave light tubes which can be operated individually or together.
This lamp is ideal for geological fluorescence work.

Applications include:

- Geological Analysis
- Field Inspections
- Industrial Inspections
- Laboratory
- Lapidary


- Durable Plastic Housing
- Internal gel based lead acid battery.
- Combination 254nm short and 365nm long wavelengths
- Six Watts
- Dimensions = L 159mm x W 25mm x D 56mm
note: This lamp comes shipped with a European wall socket plug, an Australian adaptor is included by Prospectors.

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