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" data-url="/collections/marking-star-picket-caps/products/star-picket-cap-proearth" data-title="Star Picket Cap ProEarth" data-details-text="View full details" data-full-description="Prospectors Star Picket Cap <br> <br>The New Standard in Star Picket Safety <br> <br>With many millions of star pickets in use, never before has there been a means available of identifying "why" and "what" Star pickets are protecting - until now. <br> <br>The Prospectors Star Picket Cap offers a unique method to increase safety on work sites and acts as a platform to attach different forms of markers to the top of any star picket, making any star picket highly visible over long distances. <br> <br>The Prospectors Star Picket Cap is made in Australia by Prospectors from UV Stabilised Polypropolyne and is built to last in Australias harsh environments from the Pilbara to the Snowys. <br> <br>The Prospectors Star Picket Cap can be used with: <br>Pin Markers <br>Stake Flags <br>Flagging Tape <br>Barricade Tape <br>Cable Ties <br>Silt Fencing <br>Barrier Mesh <br>Bunting <br>The Prospectors Star Picket Cap can be used on its own as standard star picket caps, or can be used to turn any star picket into survey marker. Simply insert a pin marker or stake flag into the cap, through one of the fencing wire holes on the picket then slide the cap down and adjust. You can then add flagging tape, barricade tape or fencing of various types directly to the cap to increase visibility or usability. <br> <br>The Prospectors Star Picket Cap can be easily assembled in the field and attaches to the Star Picket in a unique and simple method that does not require screws, clips or ties - easy, safe, secure! <br> <br>The Prospectors Star Pickets Caps registered design allows for cable ties or fasteners to be used with the cap that allow silt fencing or barrier mesh to be used, fencing wire can also pass through the dedicated holes in the cap. <br> <br>Supplied as cap only, does not include additional marking products such as flagging tape or wire markers." data-regular-description="Prospectors Star Picket Cap The New Standard in Star Picket Safety With many millions of star pickets in use, never before has there been a..." data-images="28349039876 || Star Picket Cap ProEarth-Normal-Prospectors ||28349041220 || Star Picket Cap ProEarth-Normal-Prospectors ||" data-collection-handles="best-selling-products,marking,newest-products,products-m,products-m-r,products-p,products-s,products-s-z,proearth,marking-star-picket-caps" > Quick View