Sand Grain Size Chart, Folder, Pocket Size

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Sand Grain Size Chart, Folder, Pocket Size

If you need a reliable and easy-to-use tool for measuring and describing sand grains, you'll love our Sand Grain Size Chart. This chart is a standard comparator for geologists, engineers, and students who work with sand samples in the lab, office, or field.

Our Sand Grain Size Chart features precisely sieved quartz grains in six different sizes and shapes, ranging from very coarse sand to silt sand. The grains are permanently mounted in a durable, pocket-sized folder that you can carry with you anywhere. You can use the chart to compare and classify your sand samples based on their texture, shape, and size.

The chart also includes classification boundaries for larger materials, such as granules, through to boulders, as well as handy inch and millimetre scales along the edges. Whether you need to identify the source, origin, or composition of your sand samples, our Sand Grain Size Chart will help you do it accurately and consistently.

Product Specifications:

- Size: Pocket size
- Material: Sturdy folder with quartz grains
- Grain Sizes: Very coarse sand, coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, very fine sand, and silt sand
- Grain Shapes: Rounded, sub-rounded, sub-angular, and angular
- Classification Boundaries: Granules through to boulders
- Scales: Inch and millimetre

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