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00552 WorkMate II; Black/Charcoal Polypropylene Form Holder Clipboard; Side Opening; A4 Saunders

Great for organising your mobile work station!

The Saunders WorkMate II is made from rugged, lightweight polypropylene that provides a solid, smooth writing surface and features a reversible internal clip that holds documents, writing instruments and business cards.

The Saunders WorkMate II Form Holder Clipboard includes a strong low profile clip with rubber grips that hold 12mm of paper securely and minimises bulk. The large internal storage compartment has six internal storage compartments to keep small supplies organised and snaps closed to keep your materials secure and safe from the weather.

Paper Size: A4
Clip Capacity: 12mm
Store Capacity: 25mm
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Black & Charcoal