Yamayo Mini Rod 2m X 25mm Surveyors Rod

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Yamayo Mini Rod 2m X 25mm Surveyors Rod

This versatile tool combines a builder's rod, surveyor's pole, and photo scale, and measures 2 meters in length. It has graduated markings in 5mm increments, with a red and white pole pattern every 20cm on the front side, and a red line every 10cm on the back side.

Some of its features include a 25mm wide tape for added rigidity when fully extended, a double-sided hook for accurate measurements, and the ability to use the tape as a straight rule by removing it from the case. The correct measurement point can be identified using the arrow mark on the photo, and a wrist strap is attached for easy carrying. Made of nylon-coated steel, this tool is incredibly durable and useful for keeping photo records of construction and surveys.


  • Length: 2m
  • Width: 25mm
  • Material: Nylon coated steel

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