Yamayo Million 50 Metre 3X High Speed Fibreglass Measuring Tape



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Yamayo Million 3X 50 Metre High Speed PVC Coated Fibreglass Measuring Tape

Introducing the Yamayo 3X Tape Measure - designed for ultimate working efficiency! With a newly developed special winding gear system, this tape measure delivers 3 times quicker winding speed compared to conventional tape measures. Experience superior durability, weather resistance, high accuracy, and easy handling with the Yamayo 3X Series Tape Measure.


  • Durable and safe with a special winding gear system
  • Weather resistant
  • High accuracy with tolerance of 5mm over 30 meters
  • Easy to clean
  • High visibility with UV-fixed ink markings
  • Non-conductive with a dielectric strength of 200,000 V/m
  • Width: 12.5mm, Thick: 0.47mm, Tension: 20N

The Yamayo 3X Series Tape Measure is manufactured to withstand rugged use and resist tear, even in extreme weather conditions. With an inner core of tough fiberglass and a protective PVC overlay, strength is assured with a breaking point higher than 2,000 N. The non-conductive tape blade makes it a wise choice for various applications. Experience design, quality and ease with the YAMAYO 3X Series Tape Measure - optimised for your convenience.

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