Spencer Loggers Tape 50SX Metric

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Spencer Loggers Tape 50SX Metric

Introducing the Spencer Loggers Tape 50SX Metric, the latest addition to Spencer's line of top-quality logging tapes. Designed with the needs of forestry professionals in mind, the 50SX is quickly becoming the industry standard worldwide.

Built to last and deliver reliable performance, the Spencer Loggers Tape 50SX Metric boasts a unique spring-spool design that provides fast and powerful retraction. With its thin-profile and lightweight construction, this fully automatic tape is a must-have for every logger.

Featuring 15 metres of blade length and metric graduations in both meters and centimeters, the Spencer Loggers Tape 50SX Metric provides accurate and precise measurements every time. Whether you're measuring the length of a tree or the width of a logging road, the 50SX is the perfect tool for the job.


  • Length: 15 Metres 
  • Automatic tape retraction
  • Metric Measurement

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