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For the safest and fastest cutting of seat belts, harnesses, clothing or other fibrous materials adjacent to living tissue.

Quickly and safely cuts:

Ropes, lines, cords and tubes to 11/2"diameter, bulky or quilted clothing and coats, seatbelts, pilot harness, climbing harness, towelling, blanketing, netting, strapping, footgear, straitjackets and fibrous restraints and electric cords (not live).

  • Much greater speed, safety and wider range of cutting capabilities than standard knives, rescue scissors, V-bar type tool etc.
  • Rescues strangulation or accident/fire/hostage victims whenever fibrous materials must be quickly cut away without cutting victim.
  • Will not slash or stab - cannot be used as a life threatening weapon. Safe for use within instructions or in the field.
  • Blades are serial numbered for control. Unit I.D. may be inscribed on etching plates on both sides of handle.
  • Blade is 8A High Carbon Stainless Steel Rockwell C-57-60 hardness. Lock keeps blade open until lock-bar at rear of handle is depressed.
  • Handle is contoured, black rubberised plastic, checkered for comfortable and secure grip.

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