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Bolt M3 for Pesola Macro Line

Fits all Medio-Line scales and makes the product flexible for your specific needs.



  • Unclick a superfluous lower suspension radially (e.g. clip or hook).
  • Turn the upper tare screw to the left until the inner plastic tube over stands the aluminium tube by 1 cm.
  • Unscrew the standard bolt with a flat wrench (7 mm).
  • Press the inner plastic tube into the aluminium tube so that the replacing adaptation bolt nr. 4.053 can be screwed in and tightened.
  • The inner thread M3 of the adaptation bolt e.g. serves to hold the PESOLA threaded hook 3.613 or any other specific holding gear with outer thread M3.
  • Do not forget to readjust the marker to zero (scale in measuring position).

    Technical data

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    Net weight

    0.4 g

    Gross weight

    2 g

    Packaging unit

    1 pc

    Pesola assembly Micro-, Medio -Line, 3.613