Brannan Sling Psychrometer (Whirling Hygrometer ) (137456)

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Whirling Hygrometers, also known as sling psychrometers, employ the “wet” and “dry” bulb principal to determine %RH. These hygrometers are filled with a blue spirit filling and have a fixed handle designed to be rotated, by hand, to provide adequate and consistent ventilation of the bulbs. It is supplied complete in a protective canvas carry case with calculator chart and instructions to determine %RH and two spare wicks. Available in Celcius scale only. 

Product Accessories

• Protective carry case

• Calculator chart

• 2pcs spare wicks

Product Specifications Temperature Range: -5 to + 50°C

Divisions: 0.5°C Accuracy: +/-1°C

CE & RoHS/WEEE: n/a

Product Dimensions: Packaged: 235 x 136 x 30mm Unpackaged: 230 x 130 x 23mm

Product Weight: Gross : 205g (including box, chart and bag)

Component Weights: Hygrometer: 138.5g

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