Breithaupt GEBRU Universal Geological Compass


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Breithaupt GEBRU Universal Geological Compass

Experience precise and efficient geological measurements with the Breithaupt GEBRU Universal Geological Compass. This cutting-edge compass offers versatile functionality, allowing you to capture stratum, topographical, and azimuth data with ease. Whether you're a geologist, researcher, or outdoor enthusiast, this German-made compass is an indispensable tool for your endeavors.

Key Features:

  1. Stratum Measurements: The Breithaupt GEBRU provides two modes for stratum measurements. Firstly, the conventional mode enables you to determine strike and dip accurately. Secondly, by utilizing Prof. Dr. Clar's method, the two-circle compass feature allows you to determine the azimuth and angle of dip of plains or linear features in a single operation.

  2. Topographical Measurements: Employ the renowned Brunton method of strike and dip for precise topographical measurements. To enhance accuracy, you can utilise additional accessories such as the non-magnetic tripod (Breithaupt COTRI), ball joint tripod head (Breithaupt COGEL), tripod adaptor (No. 3032.11), and Open Finder Sight (No. 3032.12).

  3. Clear and Convenient Readings: With a vertical circle (hinge clinometer) featuring 1° graduation visible from above, you can effortlessly read the azimuth and angle of dip at a glance. The dip measuring range covers 270° and is graduated in 2° (1° estimation). The compass needle automatically arrests when not in use. The azimuth circle offers 1° graduation by estimation. An adjustable level controlled clinometer and circular spirit level are located inside the housing for added accuracy.

  4. User-Friendly Design: The Breithaupt GEBRU is designed with your convenience in mind. It features an inclination adjustment, declination adjustment of ±60°, and a mirror for easy observation of the needle during the sighting process. The high-quality one-piece housing is made of lightweight, waterproof metal to ensure durability in various environmental conditions. A compact case is included for safe storage and portability.


  • Dimensions (closed): 72mm x 93mm x 27.5mm (W x L x H)
  • Weight: 330g
  • Origin: Made in Germany

Explore the world of geological measurements with confidence using the Breithaupt  GEBRU Universal Geological Compass. Order yours today and elevate your geological pursuits.



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