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Breithaupt GEBRU Universal Geological Compass

BREITHAUPT No. 3032 GEBRU is a universal geological compass

  • Stratum measurements can be taken according to the  conventional mode (strike and dip)
  • or according to the method of Prof. Dr. Clar (two-circle compass, azimuth of dip and angle of dip of plains or linear features can be determined in one single operation)
  • Furthermore, it is also possible to take topographical measurement, following the Brunton method of strike and dip

For  topographical measurements requiring an increased accuracy, a non-magnetic  tripod (Breithaupt COTRI No. 8419), ball joint tripod head (Breithaupt COGEL No. 356),a Tripod Adaptor (No. 3032.11) and Open Finder Sight (No. 3032.12) are available

  • Vertical circle (hinge clinometer) with 1° graduation, visible from above, the azimuth of dip and angle of dip can be read at a glance
  • Dip measuring range 270° graduated in 2°, 1° by estimation
  • Automatic arresting compass needle when needle is not in use
  • Azimuth circle with 1° graduation, ½° by estimation
  • Inside the housing adjustable level controlled clinometer, ±90°, 1° graduation
  • Inclination adjustable
  • Declination adjustment ±60°
  • Circular spirit level
  • Mirror for observing needle during sighting process
  • Waterproof high quality one-piece housing made of light metal
  • Case included
  • Dimensions (closed): 72mmx93mmx27,5mm (WxLxH)
  • Weight: 330g
  • Made in Germany