Brunton Truarc 10 Compass Global balance, Rare Earth Magnet, Rare Earth Magnet Roamer Degrees Glow



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Designed for fast paced adventure racing where critical navigation data is needed in an instant, TruArc‚Ñ¢ 10 base plate compasses feature quick reference cardinal points, high visibility cling for low light performance, and a double-gauge ergonomic base plate for extra durability. Plus the global balance lets you take a reading without breaking stride.

We now offer the TruArc 10 Glow. It has all the features needed for night navigation. The luminous Azimuth, North pointing needle, vial bottom, arrow of direction and sight keeps glowing for up to 8 hours.


5.2” x 2.8” x 0.5” (13.2 x 7.1 x 1.2cm)


1.7 ounces (48 grams)


TruArcTM Global Needle
Ever-North Magnet
Reversible slide scale
GPS confidence circles
Roamer Scales; Magnified Readout
1° Resolution
Luminous Points
high visibility cling for enhanced performance in low light which can also be removed to facilitate taking a bearing from a map.


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