Brunton TRUARC 15 Luminous Compass with Clinometer



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The TruArc 15 is s sighting compass with a full sized mirror that also doubles as cover for extra protection.  The added TruArc Ever-North Magnet settles readings faster and will not lose polarity. Triple clinometers system gives fast and accurate reference information for avalanche safety or earth-science field work.

We now offer the TruArc 15 Glow. It has all the features needed for night navigation. The luminous Azimuth, North pointing needle, vial bottom, arrow of direction and sight keeps glowing for up to 8 hours.


4" X 2.5" x 0.6" (10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5cm)


3.2 oz. (91 grams)


- TruArc Global Needle
- Ever-North Magnet
- Map Magnifier
- Sighting Mirror
- Bubble Level
- Clinometer
- Magnified Readout
- 1 Degree Resolution
- High visibility cling for enhanced performance in low light which can also be removed to facilitate taking a bearing from a map.

Precision Made in the USAÔªø

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