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Breithaupt Cocla Stratum Compass

The Breithaupt Cocla is a stratum compass

  • allows for azimuth and angle of dip measurements to be taken in one single operation

  • the large circular opening in the compass housing contains the graduated circle

  • he housing is closed by a bottom plate of transparent, unbreakable plastic

  • his design allows for measurements to be taken and read from above the head

  • Compass circle diameter: 50mm

  • Graduation interval: 1

  • Accuracy: <0,1

  • Numbering continuous from 10 to 10

  • Declination adjustment: ±30

  • Vertical circle diameter: 25mm

  • Graduation interval: 5

  • Estimation to: 1

  • Graduation range quadrantal: 235

  • Numbering from: 20 to 20

  • Circular level: 30'/2mm

  • Tracing edge: 60mm

  • Dimensions of the closed compass: 74x96x25mm

  • Weight: 275g

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