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Breithaupt Conat Orienteering Compass

NSN: 6605-12-341-8467

The Breithaupt Conat compass has been designed specifically for hikers, explorers, military, relief organisations and rescue services. Made with a rugged die-cast casing of high quality, non-magnetic light metal. The Breithaupt Conat is a reliable and durable compass for use in the field.

The Breithaupt Conat is registered under NATO Stock Number 6605-12-341-8467. Hundreds of thousands of Conat are successfully being used by military authorities all of the world.


  • Rugged die-case non magnetic metal housing.

  • Tracing edge with 110mm graduation for precise map plotting and distance measurements.

  • Chromed brass mirror.

  • Precise aiming with front and rear sight with simultaneous observation of fully visible compass capsule in mirror.

  • Transparent, rotating liquid filled capsule made from unbreakable Makrolon.

  • Liquid dampened magnetic needle.

  • Compass capsule graduated in 6400 mil with 100 mil graduation interval and 10 mil reading accuracy.

  • Luminous cardinal points and luminous letters.

  • Stainless steel compass needle with high coercive field intensity and remanence.

  • Thumb ring for comfortable use

  • Weight: 120g

Here is another variation of a geological compass from Breithaupt, take a look at the Breithaupt Conef Compass and Clinometer.

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