Breithaupt COPRI Prismatic Compass


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Breithaupt COPRI Prismatic Compass

The Breithaupt Copri Prismatic Compass, a Schmalkalder type compass, offers prismatic reading on an oscillation ring. Crafted for applications like topographic surveys and industrial tasks, it features simultaneous sighting through prism slots, ensuring enhanced precision.

Key Features:

  • Schmalkalder type compass design for ultimate precision
  • Prismatic reading on an oscillation ring
  • Simultaneous sighting through prism slots
  • 80mm circle diameter for easy readability
  • 1/2 degree graduations for detailed measurements
  • Sliding inclination weight for additional versatility
  • Built-in circular spirit level
  • 3/8" internal thread in compass bottom for diverse mounting options
  • Lightweight design at just 300g

Choose the Breithaupt Copri Prismatic Compass for an efficient and accurate surveying experience.

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