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Presco Day-Night Flagging Tape

Discover our cutting-edge technology with Presco Day-Night Visibility Flagging Tape, designed to ensure optimal safety in various lighting conditions. This innovative tape features an exclusive nighttime visibility (NV) silver ink, seamlessly blended with high-quality PVC plastic to deliver a cost-effective and disposable solution for your nocturnal requirements. When exposed to a beam of light in darkness, the tape's stripes reflect the light back to its source, significantly enhancing visibility at night.

Why Choose Presco Day-Night Flagging Tape?

  • Enhance workplace safety during daytime, nighttime, or low light conditions such as underground mines
  • Experience a durable and resilient marking solution
  • Benefit from a low-cost option

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 25mm
  • Length: 45m for Fluorescent Orange
  • Length: 90m for Standard Red

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