Dormer - various size x 3.0M casing clamp, pulley & sleeve PISTON SAMPLER - Stainless Steel, surface type with accessories.

DormerSKU: DO-PSS5030

size: 50mm x 3.0M

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The Piston Sampler is used to take undisturbed samples from water-saturated soils like marine mud & silty sand. It operates on the same principle as the fisherman's bait pump. That is, you push down on the outer tube simultaneously as you pull up on the piston. The piston is held in position while the tube is removed from the hole. Dormer manufacture the Piston Samplers from Stainless Steel tube in diameters of 50mm, 62mm, 75mm & 100mm with lengths to suit your requirements.

The Piston Sampler comes in two main types, the surface type and the down hole type. The surface type is for sampling from the surface level down to the length of the sampler in one operation. It comes with a moveable casing clamp that allows the operator to add body weight to assist with the insertion and it also acts as a handle for the removal of the sampler tube from the hole.

The surface type also comes with a removable pulley mounted to the top of the sampler to help pull the piston up via a rope (in most cases the top of the sampler is above your head at the start of the sampling). Pulling on the rope through the pulley also adds down force to the sampler.

The sample is removed by either pushing the piston with loose extension rods (or a dowel) or by removing the piston and shaking the sample out. We supply a 300mm long sleeve to catch the sample in or it can be expelled onto trays or clear plastic tubing (not supplied).

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