ESSA 100mm Diameter Stainless Steel Test Sieve with 9.5mm Mesh - Limited Stock

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Guage: 9.5 mm
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Stainless steel frame and stainless steel wire mesh.

9.5mm Mesh

100mm D x 40mm H.

Sturdy Rim: strong and easy to handle

Exact Frame: rugged, uniform with positive nesting

Fillet: no sample trapped between mesh and frame

Ergonomically Designed: no raw edges and comfortable to handle

Evenly Tensioned Mesh: precise and accurate results

No Cavities: totally sealed frame with no crevices to trap sample

Precision Mesh: high-tech optical equipment accurately measures apertures

Fully Traceable: individually numbered serial number

High Quality Stainless Steel Mesh and Frame: minimal corrosion and long lasting

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