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The Freiberg Geological Compass is a high quality stratum compass, popular around the world there are many hundreds in use throughout Australia.


  • Route surveying
  • Surveying of open pit or underground workings
  • Transfer of geological data onto maps and plans
  • Staking out of claims and sites

Basic Features:

  • Available in 0-360¬∫
  • Compass release button enables needle to be brought to rest more quickly (ca. 4 seconds)
  • Built-in lockable clinometer
  • Circular level bubble for measuring where access is difficult
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Operates -30¬∫c to +50¬∫c


  • Available with printed or engraved vertical scale


    Chemical Composition

    • Si: 0.7-1.3
    • Fe: 0.50
    • Cu: 0.10
    • Mn: 0.40-1.0
    • Mg: 0.6-1.2
    • Cr: 0.25
    • Ni: 0
    • Zn: 0
    • Ubrige: 0.15
    • Ti: 0.10
    • Al: Balance

    Click for the Freiberg Geological 360 Compass with Mirror!

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