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Freiberg Geological Compass with Collimator and Mirror

Our top-tier Geological Compass is precision-engineered to facilitate accurate direction and inclination measurements. Its advanced design makes it an essential tool for reconnaissance and minor compass traverse measurements. This versatile instrument is perfect for navigation and orientation across various terrains, offering a blend of reliability and accuracy for general field-geological work.

Key Features

  • Compass circle: Offers a diameter of 45mm, a scale value of 2° (2 gon), and estimation of 0.5° (0.5 gon).
  • Azimuth circle: Features a 22mm diameter with a scale value of 5° (5 gon) and an estimation value of 1° (1 gon).
  • Clinometer: Capable of measuring up to +90°(+100gon) with a scale value of 2° (2 gon), and an estimation of 0.5°(0.5 gon).
  • Contact edge: Boasts a graduated length of 70mm and a 1mm scale value.
  • Dimensions: The compact and lightweight design (93 x 76 x 22 mm, 0.280 kg) makes it highly portable and perfect for fieldwork.

Extended Functionalities

  • Internal Mirror: Incorporated on the dip measuring plate, the mirror aids in observing and reading the magnetic needle and graduated circle for various targets.
  • Notch and Bead Sights: Allow for near-horizontal sightings in the terrain.
  • Collimator Sighting Arrangement: This standout feature enhances the accuracy and versatility of the compass. It allows users to aim at various terrain spots, regardless of the inclination. With this feature, users can also combine inclination and direction measurements for topographic sighting. The collimator principle ensures the sighting accuracy remains unaffected by the observer's eye accommodation power. When not in use, it can be easily detached.
  • Ground Magnetic Needle: Positioned on edge for precision.
  • Lockable Inclinometer: Guarantees accurate inclination measurements.
  • Spirit Levels: Circular spirit level for levelling and a lateral glass tube for measurements at hard-to-reach points.
  • Magnetic System: Equipped with a permanent locking mechanism, which can be released during measurement by depressing the push-button for faster setting times.

The Geological Compass stands out for its high pointing accuracy, easy adjustment of the graduated circle, and clear colour coding on the circle of altitude and magnetic needle (according to Clar), facilitating the unambiguous determination of the direction of dip of geological formations.

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